5th International suPAR Symposium

Held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 8-9. May 2014 under the topic:

suPAR and its Value in Clinical Use

Thank you for your participation in the 5´th International suPAR Symposium. Presentations from the Symposium are uploaded in the Programme under each speaker, please look further down on this page.

5th International suPAR symposium Overview

As the proud main sponsor of the 5’th International suPAR Symposium celebrated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on May 8-9, 2014, ViroGates wishes to thank this years outstanding host Prof. Dr. Marcus Schultz along with all speakers and other delegates for their contribution to a highly successful meeting.

The 1½ days at the historical venue Trippenhuis in central Amsterdam revealed high quality presentations with interesting and productive discussions subsequently.

There is an increasing interest in doing clinical trials and preclinical research studies with the suPAR biomarker, supporting that suPAR seems to be a reliable prognostic biological marker with clinical potential, as well as an interesting target for understanding inflammatory mechanisms. 

The intention to present on the one hand novel original data on this topic and on the other hand aim at summarizing the current knowledge on suPAR by the leading experts in the fields of clinical and basic research was very well met in the 4 planned sessions:

Session 1. Is there a Role for Biomarkers?

Session 2. Possible Ways to Use suPAR

Session 3. Latest Knowledge gained with suPAR Research

Session 4. Success Criteria´s for implementing a new Biomarker

Discussions on how to implement suPAR in clinical practice was initiated, along with a discussion about the potential role of suPAR in various clinical settings ie. general practice, emergency room, intensive care unit.

You can see an overview of the meeting in the video film on this page and if you go to our YouTube channel
you can see a handful of selected presentations from the meeting.

suPAR Symposium programme and abstracts:

  suPAR and its value in clinical use

Thursday May 8th

12:00 Arrival & registration at Trippenhuis - Lunch

13:15 Opening of the symposium – dr. J. Eugen-Olsen, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark and prof. dr. M. Schultz, AMC, The Netherlands

Is There a Role for Biomarkers?
Chairs: prof. dr. A. Artigas Raventós & prof. dr. M. Schultz

13:30 Key lecture - Challenges with clinical triage - Keynote speaker prof. dr. B. Müller, University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland

13:50 Key lecture - Challenges with biomarkers - Keynote speaker prof. dr. T. van der Poll, AMC, Netherlands
Presentation: T. van der Poll

14:10 Key lecture - Why and how can suPAR help triage? – Keynote speaker dr. J. Eugen-Olsen, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
Presentation: J. Eugen-Olsen

14:30 Coffee/Tea and Cake

Debates - Possible Ways to Use suPAR

Chairs: prof. dr. A. Artigas Raventós, Spain & dr. J. Eugen-Olsen, Denmark

15:00 Early detection of severe diseases before hospital – dr. T. Djärv, Karolinska Univesity Hospital, Sweden
Presentation: T. Djärv

15:15 Early identification of patients who need a specific treatment - Prediction of need for renal replacement therapy in malaria patients – prof. dr. M. Schultz, AMC Netherlands
Presentation: M. Schultz

15:35 Early diagnosis of a disease - Prediction of ventilator-associated pneumonia – dr. I. Martin–Loeches, Sabadell Hospital, Spain
Presentation: I. Martin-Loeches

15:55 Pro–con: ‘I will (never) use suPAR’ – prof. dr. A. Artigas Raventós, Sabadell Hospital, Spain vs. prof. dr. M. Schultz, AMC, Netherlands
Presentation: A. Artigas
Presentation: M. Schultz

What’s next? - (Panel discussion among scientific committee is of the symposium) Moderator: prof. dr. M Schultz, AMC,  Netherlands

16:45 Closing remarks for the day – prof. dr. A. Artigas Raventós, Spain

17:00 My suPAR – get your suPAR level measured

19:00 Pickup for the suPAR-ty (champagne cocktail party)


Friday May 9th

Latest knowledge gained with suPAR research
Chairs: dr. F. Tacke, Germany, dr. J. Tenhunen, Sweden, dr. A. Koch, Germany, dr. S. Sever, USA

09:00 7 Abstract presentations
Presentation: M. Persson

10:30 Coffee/Tea and Cake - My suPAR – get your suPAR level measured

11:00 8 Cont. Abstract presentations
Presentation: M. Hoenigl    
Presentation: A. Calabresi                 
Presentation: A. Wrotek

12:40 Lunch /Photo session for Chairs and Speakers/My suPAR – get your suPAR level measured

Success criteria’s for implementing a new biomarker
Chairs: dr. J. Eugen-Olsen, Denmark and dr. T. Djärv, Sweden

14:00 How an investigator looks at a biomarker – dr. L. Bos, AMC, Netherlands
Presentation: L. Bos

14:20 How a health-economist looks at a biomarker – J. Olsen, Health Economist, Incentive, Denmark
Presentation: J. Olsen

14:40 How a CEO of a company looks at a biomarker – J. Knudsen, CEO ViroGates, Denmark
Presentation: J. Knudsen

15:00 How a CEO of a hospital looks at biomarker suPAR Vice President dr. Torben Mogensen, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
Presentation: T. Mogensen

15:20 Coffee/Tea and Cake - My suPAR – get your suPAR level measured

15:45 Experiences from implementation of suPAR testing in the routine use of a large Danish Hospital dr. O. Andersen, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark

16:05 How is the future for suPAR? – prof. dr. M. Schultz, Netherlands and dr. J. Eugen-Olsen, Denmark in a ping pong

16:25 Closing comments – dr. J. Eugen-Olsen, Denmark & prof. dr. M. Schultz, Netherlands

16:40 Cheers and departure – a glass of bubbles for the road

Please see Full Programme and Abstract book here

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