4th International suPAR Symposium

Held in Aachen, Germany, 25-26 Feb. 2013 under the topic:

New horizons for suPAR: Risk stratification, organ dysfunction and relevance for specific diseases.

Thank you for your participation in the 4´th International suPAR Symposium. Presentations from the Symposium are uploaded in the Programme under each speaker, please look further down on this page.

4th International suPAR symposium Overview


As the proud sponsor of the 4’th International suPAR Symposium celebrated in Aachen, Germany on Feb. 25-26, 2013, ViroGates wishes to thank this years two outstanding hosts Prof. Frank Tacke and assist. Prof. Alexander Koch along with all speakers and other delegates for their contribution to a highly successful meeting.

The 1½ days at the Super C in central Aachen revealed high quality presentations with interesting and productive discussions subsequently.

There is an increasing interest in doing studies with the suPAR biomarker. The intention to present on the one hand novel original data on this topic and on the other hand aim at summarizing the current knowledge on suPAR by the leading experts in the specific areas of clinical and basic research was very well met in the 6 planned sessions:

Session 1. suPAR Biology and Pathophysiology

Session 2. suPAR and its Diagnostic Properties in Distinct Diseases

Session 3. suPAR, Low Grade Inflammation, Atherosclerosis and Life Style Diseases

Session 4. suPAR in Inflammatory/Infectious Diseases and Sepsis

Session 5. Biomarker-based Clinical Decision Making

Session 6. suPAR and its Prognostic Properties in Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit

Data further uncovering the utility and value of suPAR was discussed, and new ideas for new and ongoing studies sprouted.

Early Triaging of critical cases was also discussed: It seems that suPAR could be the right marker to pre-select patients with more urgency.

Inflammation - Diagnosis, Disease Progression and Prognosis – suPAR is a strong biomarker in patients with multiple medical diseases and can potentially be used as a prognostic marker for kidney, liver and heart organ failures, and as a diagnostic marker for Kidney FSGS. In addition there seems to be strong evidences that suPAR predominantly represents endothelial damage and atherosclerosis, whereas CRP seems predominantly to represent metabolic inflammation. In the general population, suPAR and the combination of suPAR and CRP add prognostic CVD risk information above and beyond the Framingham Risk Score.


Please find in short the highlights from the Symposium here:

Marcus Schultz at the 4th International suPAR symposium

Please find the suPAR Symposium programme and abstracts here:


Programme in short
New horizons for suPAR: Risk Stratification, Organ Dysfunction and Relevance for Specific Diseases

Monday Feb 25th

08:30 Arrival & registration - Coffee/tea

09:00 Opening of the symposium

09:10 Session 1: suPAR biology and pathophysiology

Chairs: F. Tacke (Aachen), A. Koch (Aachen)

pdf icon S1N1 J Eugen-Olsen   pdf icon S1N2 J Reiser  pdf iconS1N4 L Ljunggreen

10:30 Coffee/Tea/Opportunity for suPAR Testing

10:50 Session 2: suPAR and its diagnostic properties in distinct diseases
Chairs: C. Trautwein (Aachen), J. Reiser (Chicago) 

pdf icon  S2N1 J Deegens pdf iconS2N2 F Tacke- modifiedpdf iconS2N4 H Zimmermann

12:30 Lunch/Opportunity for suPAR Testing 

13:30 Session 3: suPAR, low grade inflammation, atherosclerosis and lifestyle diseases
E. A. L. Biessen (Maastricht/Aachen), J. Eugen-Olsen (Copenhagen) 

pdf icon S3N1 J Jeppesen

14:30 Coffee/Tea/Opportunity for suPAR Testing - Speakers and Chairs Photo Session

15:00 Session 4: suPAR in inflammatory/infectious diseases and sepsis

Chairs:  P. Pickkers (Nijmegen), A. Koch (Aachen) 

 pdf iconS4N1 J Tenhunenpdf iconS4N3 A Loonenpdf iconS4N4 A Langkilde

17:15-18:30 Aachen city walk starts at Super C and ends at hotel Aquis Grana 

19:30: Dinner and suPARty 

Tuesday Feb 26th

 09:00 Session 5:Biomarker-based clinical decision making
Chairs: J. Jeppesen (Copenhagen), 
R. Weiskirchen (Aachen)

pdf icon S5N2 A Kersten  pdf icon S5N3 Rauen

10:30 Coffee/Tea

11:00 Technical Developments with suPARnostic®- J. Knudsen (Copenhagen)

pdf icon  Overview J Knudsen

11:20 Session 6: suPAR and its prognostic properties in emergency department and intensive care unit
Chairs: J. Tenhunen (Stockholm),
T. Schürholz (Aachen) 

pdf icon  S6N1 T Hauptpdf iconS6N2 K Donadello

12:00 Roundtable discussion & wrap-up 

12:30 Lunch and departure 

To view or print full programme:  pdf icon Final Programme 4th International suPAR Symposium


We hope to see you next year at the 5’th International suPAR Symposium in Amsterdam!



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