suPARnostic® Quick Test Reader (Product No. A004)

suPARnostic® Quick Test Reader (No. A004)


The Reader is developed to perform consistent reliable readings of the A003 Quick Triage Lateral flow device, with proven optical technology and software tool for quick results.

Product contains:
1 Quick Test Reader Instrument
Power Supply for local standards
Power Adapter Kit
USB Cable
Instructions for Use
PC Software

The Reader can be used as a standalone instrument but it is recommended to use it with a PC computer for better software access and handling.


li icon Easy-to-Use – Simple to operate and can be used unattached to the PC
li icon Reliable - Control built into both reader, software, and test devices
li icon Rapid - Results in about 20 minutes


Helpful documents
li icon Quick Test Reader Package Insert
li icon Instruction Video*

li icon LF software for installation of the Quick Triage System
li icon Method for the Quick Test Reader - update only once per batch

*) We suggest to open the movie in Quick Time Player to avoid unnecessary loading time.
Please find link to download Quick Time Player here (restart browser after download)

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