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NEW - Quantitative suPARnostic® Quick Triage system - is a Point of Care Test Device for early Warning and patient triaging.

The Quantitative suPARnostic® Quick Triage, is an easy-to-use test that will allow clinicians and nurses to obtain a fast patient prognosis for patient likelihood of survival upon hospital admission.
Test results can quickly be obtained on-site in the Emergency Room avoiding passing via the clinical laboratory.

The suPARnostic® Quick Triage device is used together with the suPARnostic® Quick Test optical reader and delivers:
1. A simple and easy-to-operate test
2. Quick and fully Quantitative suPAR results between 2-16 ng/mL suPAR
3. Early results for better triage of patients in an Emergency Room setting

  • suPARnostic® Quick Triage (No. A003)

  • suPARnostic® Quick Test Reader (No. A004)

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