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July 24, 2013: New exciting data in cardiovascular disease

Denmark, July 24th, 2013

"suPAR for Risk Prediction in Patients Admitted with Acute Chest Pain"

ViroGates discloses new exciting new clinical data published in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry. These data from Dr. Lyngbæk and co-workers show that suPAR is able to prognosticate adverse long-term outcome and thereby improving risk stratification beyond that of traditionally employed parameters in acute chest pain patients.

Jakob Knudsen, CEO of ViroGates comments: “Whilst the new data come out as expected due to suPAR’s extensive ability to prognosticate patients irrespective of aetiology, we are very pleased that suPAR is confirmed as an excellent prognostic biomarker in a broad patient population with chest pain. The independent value of adding suPAR in prognosticating chest pain patients is very important and will allow clinicians to care better for this patient group.”

For more information please read the abstract here:


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