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suPARnostic® predicts mortality in Emergency Departments

Denmark, March 27, 2014

New Austrian study shows that the biomarker suPAR is able to predict mortality for patients at a very early stage of blood poisoning [sepsis/SIRS]. These findings demonstrate again that suPARnostic® is superior to other wellknown biomarker products used today upon admission to the Emergency Department.

Early triage of patients presents a major challenge
Infectious and inflammatory conditions such as SIRS (Systemic inflammatory response syndrome) or sepsis is observed frequently in hospitals and can progress rapidly to life-threatening conditions. Current biomarkers (such as CRP, PCT and IL-6) are widely used in SIRS and sepsis, but a biomarker that convincingly predicts mortality at an early stage has been lacking.

Prognostic potential of suPARnostic® investigated
Reinhard B. Raggam, Jasmin Wagner et. al. ( have conducted a study at the Medical University of Graz, Austria investigating how different biomarkers are able to predict mortality for patients at an early SIRS stage.
The prognostic potential of suPARnostic® was compared with that of routinely tested biomarkers (CRP, PCT and IL-6) for 48-hours, 30-days and 90-days mortality in 902 patients presenting with SIRS.

suPAR measured by suPARnostic® superior to other biomarkers
Results show that suPARnostic® is superior to other biomarker based products (IL-6, PCT, CRP) and serves as an ideal prognostic marker in SIRS patients being an independent predictor of 48-hours, 30-day and 90-day mortality.
The study concludes that suPAR levels can be used for triage in the Emergency Department, to determine which patients require more comprehensive monitoring, and that suPARnostic® is superior to other products - especially when it comes to predicting mortality.

“The new data from Austria confirm findings from earlier studies in both Denmark and Finland that have led to clinical routine use of the marker in the Emergency Department. It highlights yet again how suPARnostic® plays a major role in acute medical decision making” says Jakob Knudsen, CEO, ViroGates A/S.
“suPARnostic® reliably discriminates between survivors and non-survivors, and allows a much better risk stratification compared to the classical markers. Adding suPARnostic® will help the clinician in the Emergency Department in making correct triage decisions, and to prioritize those patients with urgent need for hospitalization”.

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