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ViroGates and Hvidovre Hospital cooperation in Region H article

Denmark, May 2, 2014.    

The cooperation between ViroGates and Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, Denmark, is based on research started at Hvidovre Hospital in 1999. The amount of the protein suPAR in the blood was found to be a general marker for risk stratification of patients, indicating disease severity and monitoring patient survival.

This research has resulted in more than 250 published articles and the development of the suPARnostic® test.

Today, the suPARnostic® test is used on all patients at Hvidovre University Hospital in the acute care medical department, as part of the process of assessing disease severity and triaging of patients upon admission to the hospital.

Read the story behind this cooperation in the Danish articles in the Region H publications:

"Grundforskning førte til en ny test til at måle graden af sygdom": Region H.pdf

"Ny test hjælper læger med at måle graden af sygdom", see page 18-19 and 
"Det lange seje træk fra laboratorium til patient", see page 20-21

Also read the Danish article in the magazine Sygeplejersken 8, June 27, 2014, about the cooperation between Brøndby Kommune and Hvidovre Hospital, in their effort to bring the number of readmissions to the hospital down, using the suPARnostic® test.

"Test giver hjemmeplejen viden om risikopatienter", see page 48-50



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