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"Blood test can save lives" in Danish newspapers

Denmark, August 14, 2014.

The Danish newspapers Berlingske Tidende and BT has published a 16-page guide under the title "Blood test can save lives".

The guide tells everything about suPAR, how lifestyle changes can change your suPAR level and thereby your prognosis, including an interview with Jørgen Thorball who changed his lifestyle because he wanted to lower his suPAR level.

The guide also talks about Hvidovre University Hospital where all patients in the acute care medical department, as part of the process of assessing disease severity and triaging of patients upon admission to the hospital, are now being tested with suPAR, and Director of Research Ove Andersen from Hvidovre Hospital is interviewed.

You can read the guide (in Danish) here: "Blodtest kan redde liv"

The newspaper BT also had a 2-page article on the same topic on July 30, 2014.
BT is a tabloid newspaper with a very "easy to understand" vocabulary, therefore the language is not very scientific but gives a very good description of the benefits for anyone taking a suPAR test.

You can read the article (in Danish) here: "Simpel blodtest kan redde dit liv"

We have made an english translation of the article here: "Simple Blood Test Can Save Your Life"


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