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Poster prize - "suPAR - A future prognostic biomarker in Emergency Medicine"

Denmark, December 1, 2014.

New data from the first Danish Interventional Study done in Hillerød University Hospital in Denmark and based on 6000 patients was presented at the 6´th Danish Emergency Medicine Conference in November, 2014.

Data are based on all medical patients coming to the Emergency Room (ER), and are thus very representative for the most common diseases seen in any Emergency Room incl. not only bacterial or viral infections but also CVD, cardiac cases, lung diseases and comorbidities.

The poster titled "suPAR - A future prognostic biomarker in Emergency Medicine" was awarded a prize because of the solid study design and the diligence with which the data was collected, calculated and presented.

Data shows that the current Danish Emergency Process triage system needs to be improved with a prognostic biomarker evaluation -  and suPAR is the best choice!

The conclusion is clear:

"In unselected patients admitted to an Emergency Department, suPAR is an independant marker of short-term mortality.

suPAR could potentially help clinicians in the initial risk assessment of acutely admitted patients".

Please find the poster here.


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