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May 10, 2013: Novel screening program prevents admissions to the hospital

Hvidovre University Hospital*, Denmark is implementing the suPAR biomarker as part of their new screening program for optimized patient identification and 20130510 dagens medicintreatment. A simple physical test in connection with suPAR will help physicians to simplify efforts to identify the right patients for admission into the hospital, furthermore will the addition of suPAR help to introduce more objective parameters for triaging patients into the hospital.

The Director of Research at Hvidovre Hospital, Ove Andersen, says that the hospital will need to move away from acute and very organ specific parameters when assessing the patients, and focus more on the overall health status of the patients. Many of the patients are suffering from comorbidities, and hence it is important to make an overall assessment. The objective nature of the suPAR test will help to offer more equal treatment opportunities for all patients, irrespective of their capability to communicate their clinical symptoms in the right manner, says Dr. Andersen.

*Hvidovre Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Denmark with an uptake population of around 0,5 mio people.

Please find more information in the Danish article here:

"Ny screeningstest skal forebygge indlæggelser af skrøbelige ældre"

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