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August 27, 2012: The new suPARnostic® Quick Triage Test provide strong support for the Emergency Room

A key challenge for the medical section within the Emergency Room is to accurately triage patients for either hospital admittance or acquittal. ER Medical staff faces mainly patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD), organ dysfunctions or infections (including sepsis) and need to quickly and efficiently triage to secure optimal patient outcome, minimize re-admissions and secure efficient resource allocation.

The suPARnostic® test has proven to be a strong predictor of disease progression in critically ill patients, as elevated plasma suPAR levels reflect a developing critical condition and has repeatedly shown to correlate significantly with patient disease severity.

suPARnostic® Quick Triage – Point of Care Test Device for early Warning and Intervention
The new Point of Care device, suPARnostic® Quick Triage, is easy to use and will allow clinicians and nurses to perform the test in the Emergency Room instead of having to go via the clinical laboratory.
The easy to use test device offers a short and simple procedure with a single cut-off point enabling the personnel at the Emergency Room to act immediately if suPAR levels are abnormal. Early test results will improve the decision making process for the patient procedure.

"ViroGates launches suPARnostic® Quick Triage product, receives product approval in Canada and enters into distribution agreement with Cedarlane"

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pdf icon 20120827 Press Release ViroGates: Product launch and Canda registration

"ViroGates lancerer nyt produkt der vil hjælpe alle akutmedicinske patienter til bedre behandling"

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pdf icon 20120827 Press Release ViroGates: Nyt produkt og registrering i Canada


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