Bernd Uder

Bernd Uder joined the board of ViroGates in February 2015.

Bernd Uder, formerly Senior Vice President and Managing Director at QIAGEN (NASDAQ:QGEN), today Managing Director of Uder Corporation.

Bernd Uder joined the board as non-executive director.

Bernd Uder has extensive international general management and sales & marketing experience during a more than 30 year career in the life science and diagnostic industry.

During his career he spent 14 years at QIAGEN, and prior to that 17 years with Amersham Pharmacia Biotech.

Lars Krogsgaard

Lars Krogsgaard joined the board of ViroGates in April 2016.

Lars Krogsgaard has worked with private equity investments for 20 years and has been an active investor in more than twenty-five companies and, inter alia, served on the board of these companies.

He has a documented value creating track record as investor and owner of these Nordic companies.

Lars holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a BSc in Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Lars Krogsgaard joined the board as non-executive director.

Jørgen Thorball

Jørgen Thorball founded ViroGates with Jesper Eugen-Olsen and Peter Benson in 2001.

Jørgen Thorball is CEO of Ophiuchus Technologies AG and managing partner of XOventure GmbH, and is co-founder of ViroGates and Chairman of the Board in 2001-2015.

Jørgen has held the position as Vice President of Business Development at Novozymes, and before that Director and Founder of BioGaia HealthCare, as well as many other international corporate management positions in the pharmaceutical industry.

He has a range of inventions of medical applications behind him and is founder of numerous companies in the Life Science Industry over the years.

Lars Kongsbak

Lars Kongsbak joined ViroGates in February 2015 as Chairman of the Board.

Lars Kongsbak is president & CEO of Exiqon A/S (NASDAQ OMX, EXQ). 
Lars has been with Exiqon A/S since 2000, the last 12 years as President and CEO. 
Prior to that Lars worked at Novozymes A/S and Novo Nordisk A/S.