Working in the laboratory you care about providing the highest quality results in the fastest possible way, and if you implement new tests they need to fit into your established processes.

The suPARnostic® test is a strong concept, that can help clinicians identify patients who are at a higher risk of disease progression. These patients can be identified earlier with suPARnostic® than what is possible with current risk scores.

We can assure you that the suPARnostic® test will be easy for you to implement in your current procedures if you are used to running the well-established ELISA assays, and even if you do not run ELISA, there is a Point-of-Care assay, which can also be run in the laboratory.

The benefits of running the suPARnostic® ELISA are:

  • Consistency. Monoclonal antibodies yield reproducible results for consistent patient tracking
  • Fast results. Several steps optimized to give a faster protocol than the normal sandwich ELISA
  • Productivity. Protocols for BEP2000, Dynex DSX and DS2 and Stratec Gemini platforms

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